The cardboard man (2017)

Michael Labarca

It’s Diego’s seventh birthday and something’s wrong. No one understands why the little boy refuses to smash the piñata he had so happily picked up earlier with his father. A re-score made in 2021 based on Michael Labarca’s original short film. To see the original full short click here.

FULL : EMPTY (2020)
Anna Swagerman

Some of the most insightful journeys happen in the very intimacy of your own room. Sometimes, emptyness can feel as the fullest thing we can experience. This is a collaboration with video artist Anna Swagerman inspired by the first weeks of the 2020 Covid – Quarantine.

Páramo (2020)
Janos Tedeschi

pa·ra·mo (pä′rə-mō′, păr′ə-) or pá·ra·mo (pä′rə-)
n. pl. pa·ra·mos or pá·ra·mos
A treeless alpine plateau of the tropical Andes. The footage was taken in the Colombian páramo by Janos Tedeschi.

Intersticio (2017)
Michael Labarca

Interstitium: the space between two bodies.

In this piece by Michael Labarca, the Zulia-born filmmaker employs footage recorded between takes of his short film La culpa, probablemente, to show viewers what makes up the substance that floods intermediate moments –the expectant looks, the expressions of concentration, the moment in which the narrative drama is broken, or the peculiar disposition of bodies around the fiction about to take place.

Red and Green (2016)
Marko Ivic

A short film part of Theatre production IF. A glipse of reality bending before our eyes. Animation by Laura Campo de Luna. Text and Music by Marko Ivic

Lineage (2015)
Olga van den Brandt

Lineage is an animated short about human relations. It shows a world where the characters are made out of wires, a world where everybody is literally hanging on the connections they have with each other. And with these images it shows how dependent we are on these relations.

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